The first sewing project of the year!  A pattern-drafting hat-making project for my theatre production wardrobe class.  The first fabric is a grey tweed; the second something that I found at the reuse centre about three years ago: I don’t know what kind of fabric it is.

It turned out a little less floppy than I’d thought, the bands a little wide but overall it is possibly the best hat I have.

Definitely the warmest – wonderful tweed and another layer of something that’s just as thick.  Pretty content with the hat situation.



 I will never stop loving the discount wall at fabric land

I was originally planning on evening out the hem but now I think I like the points that the hem comes to.  It’s sort of flowery in a way.  


This was a burda pattern embellished for the sake of a school assignment.

Unfortunately I was unaware of the petite size chart and cut it out wrong so it is now tiny.

The yoke was cross-stitched, pattern from a book of Celtic cross-stitch patterns.  The grid patterns were just machine stitched.

My model was a tired and slightly grumpy older sister (staring into the distance)